Weight loss solutions? Number one, stop being a Bull crapper!

How long have you been searching for weight loss solutions? Are we talking about years, decades even? Do you read every weight loss article that catches your eye? Have you lost track of the number of new diets that you have either investigated, or failed at? You might even think that some of these diets where successful, but if you are overweight right now, then the diet didn’t work did it?

Is there an exercise routine or machine that could be the answer? Maybe some kind of weight loss surgery? Maybe you think that you have exhausted all of the possible weight loss solutions and have given up the struggle completely.


Instead or searching for more weight loss solutions, maybe it is time to look within.


I think that it is time to ask your self a completely new question:

Are you a health and fitness bull crapper?


Graphic of a bull and some crap, a joke about the number one of all weight loss solutions. Stop bull crapping yourself

After you have finished looking around for weight loss solutions, you need to ask yourself whether you are a Fat Loss Bull crapper. This could be the number one fat loss solution


I think that we all understand what a Bull crapper is. If you are a child then substitute bull crap for lie and then miss the next paragraph. For those really slow on the uptake then there is a picture above to help you understand.

If you are still struggling to figure out what a bull crapper is then I suggest that you leave this site and never come back. You will never “get” my regular injections of playful sarcasm and twisted irony. You might even get confused of offended from time to time. We are not a good fit, sorry… But you can be the one to end the relationship and break up with me therefore leaving your ego intact….

Still here? You didn’t break up with me?

My heart feels full now thank you.


Ask yourself honestly whether you have been fooling yourself, and whether a weight loss solution has been right in front of you all along


So, back to bull crapping, I think that those of you still reading this do not need further explanation of the basic meaning of this (personally censored) phrase.

So, without further ado, I need to ask you, are YOU a Bull crapper? I guess that most of us might admit to being one in some way or another, from telling little lies to Children or friends in order to spare their feelings, to bigger lies told to a partner or co-workers to avoid unnecessary confrontation.

Then we get to the biggest, more unfortunate type of Bull crapping, when we are fooling or lying to OURSELVES…

In fact, they say that we can’t really love others until we learn to love ourselves.

My version of this wisdom, tailored for this article is:

We won’t be able to stop Bull crapping to others unless we stop Bull crapping to ourselves!


There will be 3 different types of people looking for a fat loss solution who are reading this article


I guess that of all the people likely to be reading this article, there will be 3 different categories.

  1. The people who are honest with themselves, who are already on the right track, but read additional health and fitness information in order to stay focused. To revise, or “sharpen the saw”. You might appreciate the humor of the article.
  2. The people who have just decided to renew their efforts in striving for a better life, a life full of health and vitality. Welcome! You came to the right place.
  3. The Bull crappers! These are the people who say that it is easy for others who are “naturally slim” or that they only have to “look at food to put on weight”. How ridiculous!

The Bull crappers need to either click away from this page right now to keep their fragile false ego construct in working order. Or read on and expect some abuse from me…. (Tough love only, nothing physical I promise!)

Are you a fat loss Bull crapper?

Do you ever say stuff like:

  • My weight problem is genetic.
  • I have a naturally slow metabolism.
  • I think I have a thyroid problem… (but I have never asked the doctor to test it DOH!)
  • Some people are naturally sexy.
  • I just have an addicting personality.
  • I don’t have time to eat healthily.
  • It is normal to put on weight as you get older.
  • I can’t afford a gym membership.
  • How can I lose weight now with the holidays approaching?
  • I would lose weight but I just love pie and ice cream too much.
  • I’m bound to be fat because I quit cigarettes.
  • All the thin people my age are having liposuction or stomach stapling, I will not risk my health for vanity.
  • Its either stay fat or get back on the crystal meth, I would rather be fat than a drug addict.
  • How am I going to lose weight? I work in a kitchen / sweet shop / pie factory.

OK, some of these examples seem a bit ridiculous, you probably identify with some and not with others… But you know what? They ALL seem ridiculous to me, in equal measure…

Even if they didn’t seem ridiculous, I would try to find a way of thinking of them in a negative way. Because as long as you are carrying around this type of stuff in your head, you will not lose weight.

Even worse, you will continue to be a bull crapper. The worst type of Bull crapper, a self Bull crapper…. The number one weight loss solution? The fat loss secret? Is to get real and be honest with yourself.


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5 Responses to Weight loss solutions? Number one, stop being a Bull crapper!

  1. Paulin April 2, 2013 at 2:48 pm #

    Sarcasm aside, you do make a great point! Weight loss is a mental process just as much as it is a physiological process. In a lot of cases, people first need to find and deal with their mental hangups before they can begin to lose weight successfully.

  2. Fatloss Mental April 2, 2013 at 3:23 pm #

    Hope no-one gets offended with the sarcasm / dry humor… I mean no harm. When trying to break through self limiting beliefs or “stuck in a rut” thinking a bit of shock or a reality check can help. I mean if we are always positive and understanding then it is easy to put off difficult choices.

  3. Carl Mason-Liebenberg April 2, 2013 at 4:30 pm #

    Maybe I need a new hashtag…instead of #noexcuses maybe it should be #nobullcrap! I’ve heard it all!! No offense here…I agree 🙂

  4. Fatloss Mental April 2, 2013 at 7:59 pm #

    I know a few of my posts are a bit risque. If you are working with a client face to face you can’t really accuse them of being a bull crapper…(If you do, take a video!) But if someone is at home surfing the net and then reads this, it is less accusing and confrontational on an individual basis, and the lesson might sink in more. I have been one of the worst culprits for fooling myself in the past about my weight and I don’t mind admitting it.

  5. Shari April 3, 2013 at 11:35 pm #

    While we do move from “fat burning” to “fat storing” as we age, awareness in place of bull-crapping can work wonders in that department. In other words, I can be aware that I need fewer calories now, aware of the importance of food quality, and aware of the myriad benefits not just of exercise, but of movement in general. This awareness has made me much healthier than I was in previous, younger decades, when I not only lacked information but was also more prone to bullcrap. Good one, Jason!