Have you ever wanted to shout “please help me lose weight!” But didn’t know who to ask? There are personal trainers available at the gym, but do they really understand how you feel? There are plenty of weight loss products out there, but have they worked for you in the past? Many of our weight loss challenges are for personal reasons and not easily overcome by someone “cheering you on” in the gym, or a commercial diet product. I am pleased to offer one-on-one weight loss coaching to a limited number of people.

(Unlike some “limited offers” this one really is limited because it will be one-on-one and there is only one of me! I am only going to allow a maximum of 5 people a month to join me for one-on-one weight loss coaching.)


Weight loss coaching price and package details

I will get straight to the point, the price is $950 USD per month. I only have a certain amount of time available, and I only want to work with people who are completely serious about their weight loss goals.

For $950 you get unlimited access to me for one month.

We will:

  • Have an initial Skype consultation of one hour in order for us to get to know each other. This will help me figure out your weight loss challenges, your reasons for being overweight or obese, and identify the areas where you need help for weight loss.
  • You will be given a simple weight loss questionnaire and food diary as tools to assist your weight loss journey and assessment.
  • We will have a 30 minute “check in” twice week for 4 weeks.

After a month you will have the choice of continuing the plan, or receiving a personalized report and weight loss action steps to take away to assist in your journey. This report will serve as a reminder on how to attack your personal weight loss challenges.

This represents 5 hours of direct consultation, and around another 5 hours work for me in analyzing and producing reports for you. So my fee is around $95 an hour, not cheap, but compared to many one-on-one consultants in different industries, an absolute bargain. I mean, how much does your Lawyer and accountant charge you per hour?

Do these other types of consultants directly help you become slimmer, fitter, healthier and help prolong your life? Do they help you overcome one of your biggest obstacles to true happiness in life?

The $95 per hour is starting to sound like a bargain, isn’t it?

But there is more!


You can say “please help me lose weight!” 24 hours a day, for 7 days a week, for 4 weeks.

  • I will give you unlimited access to me at all times*…  
  • I will give you 4 emails, and 4 social media channels to contact me on…
  • Not only during our consultation period, but permanently. You see, I think that during the time we spend together we will become friends, you can come to me anytime in the future with questions or for advice.


Weight loss coaching FAQ’s

What if I am not satisfied with your consulting?

I will return half of my fee, unlike electronic products where there is a 100% money back guarantee, I will be putting in substantial time and effort. If you are unsatisfied for any reason I will refund 50% of the weight loss coaching fee. No questions asked. Other consultants would not do this after they had already done the work, and I know that occasionally someone will ask for a refund just to be sneaky. In the scheme of things that is OK with me.

What if I don’t lose weight/fat?

You will, it is that simple. Fat loss isn’t like gambling where you spin the wheel and hope to be a winner. The process of losing or gaining weight is simple science, cause and effect. If you haven’t been successful before there are reasons for this. You will have your own weight loss challenges that we need to identify and develop a strategy against. By joining me it is very likely that we can discover these reasons together. A fresh set of eyes, a fresh mind and experience devoted to your weight loss problem. Even if you don’t lose as much fat as you would like, the knowledge and reports that I share with you will be invaluable and will provide a road map for your long-term fat loss efforts.


Still not sure?

Ok, I am also prepared to be “on call” for you. Like a buddy in the alcohol anonymous community. If you are passing a cake shop and its “tractor beam” starts drawing you in, you can call me on my mobile and WAKE ME UP if necessary. I will allow you to do this up to 5 times in a month. I will be “on call” for you.

Why would I do this? I love my sleep…

Because I care that much that any weight loss coaching clients achieve their goals… And I expect to have clients in different time zones all over the World, if I give out my mobile numbers I am going to get woken up anyway!


Still not sure? Maybe you have financial challenges as well as weight loss challenges?

I will offer you a weight loss coaching “lite” package for one month only… You will get a “slimmed down” package. We will still have the initial consultation with a weight loss survey and diet diary, we will only have 20 minute weekly check-ins, and no mobile phone numbers or report at the end.

It is $95 and I expect that after a month many of you will switch to the premium weight loss coaching package. If you still can’t afford it then I will consider another month at the “lite” rate, but no promises.

So, if you are interested, or have further questions, please contact me through email, social media, or by using the contact form below,

I look forward to hearing from you!

Fatloss Mental.


*The unlimited access is within reason, if I have to hold your hand every minute of the day, get prepared for some real “tough love” from me. I might shout or use forceful language in order for you to shake yourself. (Don’t worry I won’t “send the boys round” the tough love will be over the phone, email or through social media).




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