Weight loss body wraps that work

Have you tried weight loss body wraps? I have no personal experience of these, but I have been doing a bit of research and wanted to see if these body wraps pass the “sniff test”.


weight loss body wraps

Positive benefits of body wraps

First of all, there is no doubt in my mind that body wraps have positive benefits. But do they result in lost fat or cellulite? That is the big question.

So, you go to a luxurious spa, first of all you are lead into a dimply lit room with soft music, flickering candles and flower petals… Your professionally trained therapist leads you over to the relaxing and comfortable massage table. You really are starting to feel pampered, and a have a relaxed excitement building…

You lie down on a heated thermal blanket, then on top are soft sheets to keep you warm and snug in a womb like embrace. First of all you are treated to a body scrub, where aromatic and sensuous products are used. These might involve very expensive mud, or possibly fruity scrubs…

After the scrub you go to shower, and return for your body wrap to be applied. Once the wraps are applied, you are covered in a thermal blanket back into cocoon like bliss for another 30 minutes… The relaxing music continues to soothe away your stress…

Finally, another shower and lotion is applied.

Sounds wonderful. Very relaxing. But some people claim that this process is helpful for fat loss or the eradication of cellulite? Hmm I wonder how this can even be possible. I mean, if there was something that could be applied to the skin that would seep in and dissolve cellulite I think this would be big news. If the same compound could melt away fat then there would be no more diet industry…

Unsurprisingly, I couldn’t find any evidence that weight loss body wraps work at all for the purpose of losing weight, except maybe in your purse or wallet.

I guess that anything that relaxes you is beneficial in the world we live in. Less stress all round I say.

So, I started to think of ways that we could create a weight loss body wrap that DOES work.

First, the fundamentals, how do we lose weight? We burn more calories than we consume….

What kind of body wraps could help us achieve this aim?

AHA! Here are 2 weight loss body wraps that will definitely work.


BACON weight loss body wraps

This involves wrapping your body with bacon. You strap as many pieces of bacon as possible to your body then find some hungry animals to chase you. Beginners might go to the local dog walking park, the dogs there will be more likely to chase you in a playful way, and will be less likely to bite you. You are bound to lose weight whilst being chased around.

For more experienced practitioners, a forest with wolves and bears might offer an extra challenge. After being chased around for an hour, your skin is likely to be soft and glowing from perspiration and exertion. You will have burnt around 1000 calories more than in the spa, and will have saved money.


Box tape body wraps

You get a trusted family member or friend to wrap your arms close to your body with box tape. This will prevent you from picking up any food. The body wrap could be incorporated with a chair or a post in order to stop you walking to the kitchen.

You agree upfront to only be let free after a few hours. During the period of the box tape body wrap exercise you will learn to practice waiting between snacks. You will have a peaceful quiet time to think about food cravings and develop some mental discipline.


DISCLAIMER: For the slow readers out there, this article is half serious (the first half) and half joke (the second half). We advise readers to NOT TRY THIS AT HOME , IN THE WOODS OR IN THE PARK.

If you can think of better ways to lose weight, then go ahead. Whilst there is probably no better way to relax than a spa treatment, for weight loss there is no real good alternative to eating more healthily and exercising more often. If there was a pill, lotion, or magic bean that really worked, (without the diet and exercise combo), there would be no more obesity in the world.


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3 Responses to Weight loss body wraps that work

  1. Carl Mason-Liebenberg April 15, 2013 at 4:44 pm #

    I know many who sell body wraps…I have never been convinced it was much more than another easy attempt to avoid the work to lose weight the right way…but hey.these new wraps of your could work like magic :-)!

  2. julia November 11, 2013 at 4:27 pm #

    i got a good laugh about you wraps you have listed, and i would also like to share my results of my experience with wraps i did alot of research and tried various ones and learned very quickly that not all are created equal most just offer waterloss however i did find one that was truly different and offered lasting results. my wrap results were amazing. My first wrap results were significant reduction in the appearance of scars and stretch marks as well as skin rejuvenation. By my second wrap i had noticed my skin tightening and firming and lifting, by my third wrap i had noticed a reduction of cellulite and a more toned appearance. i loved my results so much i just have to share them with others.

    • Fatloss Mental December 1, 2013 at 7:21 pm #

      While my post was tongue in cheek, I am glad that you are seeing some results.