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Juicing fruit and vegetables is great. But so is whole food

Is juicing vegetables and fruit good idea or a waste of time?

Juicing diets and juice detoxes have been quite popular for a while now. Just like every diet that you could think of, there are success stories of people who stuck to the plan. There are also plenty of people who lost a little weight then gave up and let the bad habits creep right back […]

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Dramatic weight loss illustration. A girl relaxed doing yoga. No drama at all.

Dramatic weight loss: Help! No drama please.

Are you looking to achieve dramatic weight loss? The phrase “dramatic weight loss” is used in 3 common situations. Firstly, it is banded around in the media, especially when a famous actor or actress appears publicly after losing a lot of weight. Another time we hear the phrase is when someone is seriously ill and […]

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Satan illustration for Satan's Seven Slimming Secrets article

Satan’s Seven Slimming Secrets

Today I am very excited to present a guest post from Satan. He will be sharing “Satan’s seven slimming secrets” with you. You might know him as the Devil, Beelzebub, the Prince of darkness or Lucifer. Some of you might already know him really well, others might not even believe that he exists. In fact, […]

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Illustration of a fit and attractive woman working out, omg fat loss atands for obsession, motivation and goal-oriented

OMG Fat Loss… Obsession, Motivation, Goal-Oriented

OMG Fat Loss! This would be a nice comment to see on your social media wall after posting a recent picture of yourself… We know that OMG means “oh my God”, “oh my gosh”, or “oh my goodness”. This is a reaction to someone who is taken aback or shocked by something. Lets turn this […]

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Graphic of a bull and some crap, a joke about the number one weight loss solution. Stop bull crapping yourself

Weight loss solutions? Number one, stop being a Bull crapper!

How long have you been searching for weight loss solutions? Are we talking about years, decades even? Do you read every weight loss article that catches your eye? Have you lost track of the number of new diets that you have either investigated, or failed at? You might even think that some of these diets […]

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Am I overweight? Photo of an obese man

Am I overweight? How can you tell?

At first glance, this post might seem pointless, surely it is obvious whether someone is overweight or obese… Right? The problem lies with self-image, it is hard to gauge ourselves against other people. When we look in the mirror, we might think that we look fine, but the reality could be that we really need […]

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Photo of an Aristotle bust. His thinking fits with weight loss help

Weight loss help… Focus on 2 simple techniques

Have you been overeating recently? Your whole life? Maybe you think that you “eat like a bird” and still put on weight? Do you need weight loss help but have already read hundreds of hints and tips? Read on… Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we […]

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Diet and health quiz. How knowledgeable are you?

Have you ever taken a diet and health quiz? I expect you did well… Are you still overweight? Or even obese? My guess is that you have taken some type of quiz before, probably in a magazine. I also guess that you are, to a certain degree… Fat. Am I right? I assume that you […]

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