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Weight loss powder

Magic weight loss powder

WARNING: Do not think that weight loss powder offers any kind of long-term solution. There will be side effects and disappointments if you believe that any kind of magic powder will replace discipline and common sense.   Using a “special event” as a motivator The time that most people decide to lose weight is for […]

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weight loss patches temptation picture

Does your life involve a series of weight loss patches then regression?

If you are like most overweight or obese people, you will experience the effects of yo-yo dieting. When you put on weight, you never get so fat that you can’t leave the house, but when you lose weight you never quite get to your “normal weight”. Over time, you will see a series of weight […]

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what are the best tips for fat loss?

Tips for fat loss? Here is the best one

There are so many tactics, products and techniques that we can use to help to lose weight. There must be hundreds of tips for fat loss out there. Some are great, some not so great…     On our fat loss journey…The hardest thing is to start. Then the second hardest thing is to stay […]

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illustration of a woman running

Health, vitality and lasting change

As discussed many times on this blog, the problem that we often have is not a lack of tools and tactics, it is a lack of discipline and motivation. Yet still we see diet plans and exercise programs come and go, as people chase the next shiny object. There are new motivational conferences that revive […]

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how to lose 10 pounds?

How to lose 10 pounds. Simple…

Q) How to lose 10 pounds? This is the easiest question to answer in the realms of weight loss. It is a question often asked by those who are fine-tuning their physique. Perhaps you are 10 pounds over ideal weight, and your clothes are not fitting quite so well and you don’t feel quite as […]

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The "no-diet diet"

Introducing the no diet diet…..

There are 2 main principles to the “no diet” diet. Never go on a diet again. Eat healthy food. That is it! can you follow this diet? Diet plans usually consist of a list of rules and regulations. In society we are taught from a young age to follow rules and regulations. We are taught […]

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Weight loss ads

Weight loss ads and the problem with dieting

Weight loss ads often make it all seem so easy… Just follow some preset rules, count the calories, avoid certain foods and hey presto! You are thin! There are a few a big problems with structured diets and calorie counting… Some “fatal flaws”… Do you remember when most of the available diet and weight loss […]

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Laser fat loss focus

Laser fat loss focus

We have all heard of the expression “laser focus”. Laser focus is needed for many important jobs such as being a surgeon or a chemical engineer. There are many jobs where focus is essential, in fact the biggest cause of accidents, failures and firings is probably a lack of focus. Lets bring this logic to […]

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foods to eat for fat loss

Foods to eat for fat loss & living in the present

Most people live in the past or in the future when it comes to their hopes, dreams and wishes. The present, or “the now” is filled with the urgent interruptions of everyday chores and routines. The past was either better, with fond memories, or worse then now. The future looks more bleak, or holds the […]

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weight loss body wraps

Weight loss body wraps that work

Have you tried weight loss body wraps? I have no personal experience of these, but I have been doing a bit of research and wanted to see if these body wraps pass the “sniff test”.   Positive benefits of body wraps First of all, there is no doubt in my mind that body wraps have […]

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