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2 weight loss exercises that are easy, simple, FREE, and 100% guaranteed!

  After years, perhaps even decades of failed diets, frustration, and yo-yo weight changes… Do you remember the times where nothing fitted, when you had a wardrobe full of “college clothes?” Think of the occasions where you found someone attractive, but they just didn’t see you that way?… partly because of your weight… Whilst these […]

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Following a guru vs becoming a guru

Following a Guru VS Becoming a Guru

Have you heard of the concept of Guru burn? This is where you follow a Guru, you are ultra positive and fired up, you tell the world that you are undergoing a massive transformation. Then after a while, you drift back into your old habits, you nestle back into the crappy rut that you were […]

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what are the best tips for fat loss?

Tips for fat loss? Here is the best one

There are so many tactics, products and techniques that we can use to help to lose weight. There must be hundreds of tips for fat loss out there. Some are great, some not so great…     On our fat loss journey…The hardest thing is to start. Then the second hardest thing is to stay […]

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illustration of a woman running

Health, vitality and lasting change

As discussed many times on this blog, the problem that we often have is not a lack of tools and tactics, it is a lack of discipline and motivation. Yet still we see diet plans and exercise programs come and go, as people chase the next shiny object. There are new motivational conferences that revive […]

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The "no-diet diet"

Introducing the no diet diet…..

There are 2 main principles to the “no diet” diet. Never go on a diet again. Eat healthy food. That is it! can you follow this diet? Diet plans usually consist of a list of rules and regulations. In society we are taught from a young age to follow rules and regulations. We are taught […]

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Exercise habits silhouette of a man running

Exercise habits. Getting started is hard and easy

Getting started in physical activity… Developing good exercise habits… Is it hard or is it easy?   Exercise habits once formed are easy to continue Once you are already in the habit of exercising on a regular basis it tends to be easy. Your routine might involve going straight to the gym after work, where […]

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Self improvement

Self Improvement – Simple action steps

With the myriad of techniques and tools for self improvement out there, it can be hard to choose the best options to achieve the desired results. It is all very well going to a self help seminar and feeling hyped up for 24 hours, but if there is too much to remember, maybe nothing will […]

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Fat man running logo. Inspiration or perspiration?

A few people have wondered about the Fat Loss Mentality logo. Why on Earth would we use a “fat man running logo?” It doesn’t make any sense to some people. If we are promoting fat loss, and exercise, surely we would want to show pictures of healthy, vibrant, athletic people with ripped muscles… Wouldn’t we? […]

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weight loss body wraps

Weight loss body wraps that work

Have you tried weight loss body wraps? I have no personal experience of these, but I have been doing a bit of research and wanted to see if these body wraps pass the “sniff test”.   Positive benefits of body wraps First of all, there is no doubt in my mind that body wraps have […]

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Dramatic weight loss illustration. A girl relaxed doing yoga. No drama at all.

Dramatic weight loss: Help! No drama please.

Are you looking to achieve dramatic weight loss? The phrase “dramatic weight loss” is used in 3 common situations. Firstly, it is banded around in the media, especially when a famous actor or actress appears publicly after losing a lot of weight. Another time we hear the phrase is when someone is seriously ill and […]

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