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illustration of a woman running

Health, vitality and lasting change

As discussed many times on this blog, the problem that we often have is not a lack of tools and tactics, it is a lack of discipline and motivation. Yet still we see diet plans and exercise programs come and go, as people chase the next shiny object. There are new motivational conferences that revive […]

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Illustration of a girl practicing yoga for personal development focus

Personal development focus

When we renew our efforts into our weight loss, fitness or health goals we tend not to use any personal development focus. We tend to use a multi pronged approach. For example, if you wanted to get started, and back on track, you might go to the supermarket and stock up on fresh fruit and […]

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Illustration of a burger man, you are what you eat

You are what you eat… Lessons in Fat Loss

You are what you eat… We have all heard this phrase many times. There are countless jokes on the topic, in fact we can always raise a laugh by commenting on what a friend is eating… If they are eating a piece of pig or cow it is really easy…     “You are what […]

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Diet and health quiz. How knowledgeable are you?

Have you ever taken a diet and health quiz? I expect you did well… Are you still overweight? Or even obese? My guess is that you have taken some type of quiz before, probably in a magazine. I also guess that you are, to a certain degree… Fat. Am I right? I assume that you […]

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