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Weight loss powder

Magic weight loss powder

WARNING: Do not think that weight loss powder offers any kind of long-term solution. There will be side effects and disappointments if you believe that any kind of magic powder will replace discipline and common sense.   Using a “special event” as a motivator The time that most people decide to lose weight is for […]

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Revenge is a dish best served cold

Whilst revenge is frowned upon by more spiritually aware people, it can be very satisfying when enacted. If you are reading this you are either curious (Why is revenge being discussed on a fat loss website)… Or overweight… Either way, you really ought to read this page completely…   Why are you overweight or fat? […]

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smiley face icon after weight loss exercises

2 weight loss exercises that are easy, simple, FREE, and 100% guaranteed!

  After years, perhaps even decades of failed diets, frustration, and yo-yo weight changes… Do you remember the times where nothing fitted, when you had a wardrobe full of “college clothes?” Think of the occasions where you found someone attractive, but they just didn’t see you that way?… partly because of your weight… Whilst these […]

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weight loss patches temptation picture

Does your life involve a series of weight loss patches then regression?

If you are like most overweight or obese people, you will experience the effects of yo-yo dieting. When you put on weight, you never get so fat that you can’t leave the house, but when you lose weight you never quite get to your “normal weight”. Over time, you will see a series of weight […]

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Following a guru vs becoming a guru

Following a Guru VS Becoming a Guru

Have you heard of the concept of Guru burn? This is where you follow a Guru, you are ultra positive and fired up, you tell the world that you are undergoing a massive transformation. Then after a while, you drift back into your old habits, you nestle back into the crappy rut that you were […]

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how to lose 10 pounds?

How to lose 10 pounds. Simple…

Q) How to lose 10 pounds? This is the easiest question to answer in the realms of weight loss. It is a question often asked by those who are fine-tuning their physique. Perhaps you are 10 pounds over ideal weight, and your clothes are not fitting quite so well and you don’t feel quite as […]

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The "no-diet diet"

Introducing the no diet diet…..

There are 2 main principles to the “no diet” diet. Never go on a diet again. Eat healthy food. That is it! can you follow this diet? Diet plans usually consist of a list of rules and regulations. In society we are taught from a young age to follow rules and regulations. We are taught […]

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Ducan diet attack phase recipes

Dukan diet attack phase recipes. Delicious!

If you are hearing about a new diet from a friend, and it involves some powerful language, your interest is piqued… Anything that includes words like rocket, fuel, thermo, ripped, extreme, intense, rapid or ultra is going to get you a little exited. These are action words, or power words used by marketers. I noticed […]

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Weight loss camps for adults

weight loss camps for adults. Really?

Have you heard about these weight loss camps for adults? What do you think of them? I understand completely why there are weight loss camps for kids. Kids tend to get their bad eating habits from their parents, peers, and advertising. A lot of what they learn , they do not realize is wrong. This […]

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heart attack burger cartoon

The Heart attack burger story

Have you heard the story about the obese person with heart problems… … Who goes to the “heart attack burger bar”… … And orders the “heart attack burger”… … Then has a heart attack? This type of scenario has happened on more than one occasion.     Why does the “at risk” person choose to […]

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