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how to lose 10 pounds?

How to lose 10 pounds. Simple…

Q) How to lose 10 pounds? This is the easiest question to answer in the realms of weight loss. It is a question often asked by those who are fine-tuning their physique. Perhaps you are 10 pounds over ideal weight, and your clothes are not fitting quite so well and you don’t feel quite as […]

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The "no-diet diet"

Introducing the no diet diet…..

There are 2 main principles to the “no diet” diet. Never go on a diet again. Eat healthy food. That is it! can you follow this diet? Diet plans usually consist of a list of rules and regulations. In society we are taught from a young age to follow rules and regulations. We are taught […]

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Ducan diet attack phase recipes

Dukan diet attack phase recipes. Delicious!

If you are hearing about a new diet from a friend, and it involves some powerful language, your interest is piqued… Anything that includes words like rocket, fuel, thermo, ripped, extreme, intense, rapid or ultra is going to get you a little exited. These are action words, or power words used by marketers. I noticed […]

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Self improvement

Self Improvement – Simple action steps

With the myriad of techniques and tools for self improvement out there, it can be hard to choose the best options to achieve the desired results. It is all very well going to a self help seminar and feeling hyped up for 24 hours, but if there is too much to remember, maybe nothing will […]

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foods to eat for fat loss

Foods to eat for fat loss & living in the present

Most people live in the past or in the future when it comes to their hopes, dreams and wishes. The present, or “the now” is filled with the urgent interruptions of everyday chores and routines. The past was either better, with fond memories, or worse then now. The future looks more bleak, or holds the […]

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weight loss body wraps

Weight loss body wraps that work

Have you tried weight loss body wraps? I have no personal experience of these, but I have been doing a bit of research and wanted to see if these body wraps pass the “sniff test”.   Positive benefits of body wraps First of all, there is no doubt in my mind that body wraps have […]

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Illustration of a girl riding a bicycle. Weight loss solutions through exercise.

Weight loss solutions through exercise: Finding the time for action

We all know what we should be doing to improve ourselves and our lives, don’t we? We know that there are no real weight loss secrets… We know that the main weight loss solution is through maintaining a balanced and healthy diet. There are also weight loss solutions through exercise.     Do you ever […]

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Illustration of a fit girl running. Is weight loss hard or easy?

Is weight loss hard? Or easy?

Is weight loss hard or easy? Or somewhere in between? Firstly, serial failures will tell you that it is difficult to lose weight, they will be in the “weight loss? Hard! Group”. A second type of person is someone who realizes that they have put on a few extra pounds, then is a bit more […]

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Graphic of a bull and some crap, a joke about the number one weight loss solution. Stop bull crapping yourself

Weight loss solutions? Number one, stop being a Bull crapper!

How long have you been searching for weight loss solutions? Are we talking about years, decades even? Do you read every weight loss article that catches your eye? Have you lost track of the number of new diets that you have either investigated, or failed at? You might even think that some of these diets […]

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Illustration of a fat man running

How to lose belly fat… Exercises or diet?

  Are you looking for an exercise that will help you lose belly fat and get that ripped 6 pack? The perfect abs that you have been dreaming of? Do you think that perfect abs are natural and in someones genetics?   Your belly is like a billboard to the World. What does it say? […]

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