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what are the best tips for fat loss?

Tips for fat loss? Here is the best one

There are so many tactics, products and techniques that we can use to help to lose weight. There must be hundreds of tips for fat loss out there. Some are great, some not so great…     On our fat loss journey…The hardest thing is to start. Then the second hardest thing is to stay […]

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how to lose 10 pounds?

How to lose 10 pounds. Simple…

Q) How to lose 10 pounds? This is the easiest question to answer in the realms of weight loss. It is a question often asked by those who are fine-tuning their physique. Perhaps you are 10 pounds over ideal weight, and your clothes are not fitting quite so well and you don’t feel quite as […]

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Ducan diet attack phase recipes

Dukan diet attack phase recipes. Delicious!

If you are hearing about a new diet from a friend, and it involves some powerful language, your interest is piqued… Anything that includes words like rocket, fuel, thermo, ripped, extreme, intense, rapid or ultra is going to get you a little exited. These are action words, or power words used by marketers. I noticed […]

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Juicing fruit and vegetables is great. But so is whole food

Is juicing vegetables and fruit good idea or a waste of time?

Juicing diets and juice detoxes have been quite popular for a while now. Just like every diet that you could think of, there are success stories of people who stuck to the plan. There are also plenty of people who lost a little weight then gave up and let the bad habits creep right back […]

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Illustration of a burger man, you are what you eat

You are what you eat… Lessons in Fat Loss

You are what you eat… We have all heard this phrase many times. There are countless jokes on the topic, in fact we can always raise a laugh by commenting on what a friend is eating… If they are eating a piece of pig or cow it is really easy…     “You are what […]

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silhouette of an exercise ball weight loss help tool

Help to lose weight? Focus on the fundamentals not the “edges”

  Do you think that you need help to lose weight? We often hear of different products or quick fixes to buy, in order to solve our fat loss issues. From metabolism-boosting wonder pills, to stomach crunch contraptions. These products have all been around in similar forms for many years now. Yet obesity rates are […]

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An illustration of a fat loss failure slob

Fat loss derailed! How I just put on 6 pounds in 48 hours

Last year was a great year for me. I accomplished a number of personal goals, a few of which took me years to either accomplish, or simply even start! One of my biggest achievements of last year was my weight loss / fat loss goal. From around 255 pounds at my peak, I got down […]

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Photo of an Aristotle bust. His thinking fits with weight loss help

Weight loss help… Focus on 2 simple techniques

Have you been overeating recently? Your whole life? Maybe you think that you “eat like a bird” and still put on weight? Do you need weight loss help but have already read hundreds of hints and tips? Read on… Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we […]

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fat loss / weight loss jogger illustration

101 weight loss / fat loss tips, and why none will work without this…

Here is a list of things that we can do, eat or take to aid weight loss / fat loss. I wonder how many of these “tips” you are already aware of. Half? Maybe even most of them? Will a new discovery of one or two, turn your weight loss battle in the right direction? […]

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Diet and health quiz. How knowledgeable are you?

Have you ever taken a diet and health quiz? I expect you did well… Are you still overweight? Or even obese? My guess is that you have taken some type of quiz before, probably in a magazine. I also guess that you are, to a certain degree… Fat. Am I right? I assume that you […]

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