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heart attack burger cartoon

The Heart attack burger story

Have you heard the story about the obese person with heart problems… … Who goes to the “heart attack burger bar”… … And orders the “heart attack burger”… … Then has a heart attack? This type of scenario has happened on more than one occasion.     Why does the “at risk” person choose to […]

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Illustration of a woman running. Better than weight loss belts

Weight loss belt? A couple of new ideas

I was surfing the internet the other day and came across an article about a weight loss belt. There was no picture so I could only imagine what they were talking about. My first thought was about the vibrating belly wobbling belts that I have seen on the shopping channels. You know, the machine that […]

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Illustration of a fat man running

How to lose belly fat… Exercises or diet?

  Are you looking for an exercise that will help you lose belly fat and get that ripped 6 pack? The perfect abs that you have been dreaming of? Do you think that perfect abs are natural and in someones genetics?   Your belly is like a billboard to the World. What does it say? […]

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