Is weight loss hard? Or easy?

Is weight loss hard or easy? Or somewhere in between?

Firstly, serial failures will tell you that it is difficult to lose weight, they will be in the “weight loss? Hard! Group”. A second type of person is someone who realizes that they have put on a few extra pounds, then is a bit more careful with what they eat for a week or two, they might answer “weight loss? Easy!”

There is a third category of person who says that it is hard to gain weight and that they wish that they were less skinny. A fourth person might tell you that it is really hard to lose weight and that they are fat, when clearly they are of an ideal weight.


Q) Who is right about whether weight loss is hard or easy?…

A) The first 3… You might ask how different and opposing opinions can both be right… Read on…

(The fourth person is either anorexic or at risk of it. Their paradigm is completely out of whack with reality. This is a mental health problem that has gone on for too long.)


Illustration of a fit girl running. Is weight loss hard or easy?

Is weight loss hard or easy? It all depends on your attitude.


Lets investigate different fat loss mentalities to uncover the answer to the question: Is weight loss hard? or easy?

I have never visited a mental hospital and interacted with the patients, but I imagine that many are deluded. There might be those who think that they are undercover agents, or those who think that they are haunted. Some might believe that they are famous historical figures. These people are deluded.

But so are some of the people who I originally talked about. Just not to the same extent as the person in the hospital.

It is hard to quantify what I am saying, so I will give a ranking to the level of mental delusion between the 5 types of people who I have discussed. The ranking will go from 5 down to 1. Number 5 is barking mad, number 1 is in touch with reality.


Ready? Here we go….

Is weight loss hard or easy? Fat Loss Mentality countdown…


Number 5

James prefers to go by the name of Sir Lancelot, he is King Arthur’s most trusted knight. He will be found galloping along the hospital corridors on an imaginary horse, brandishing an umbrella and calling to a lady in waiting. If you asked him “is weight loss hard or easy?” He might answer “On guard you scoundrel!”


Number 4

Sally is at the bottom of the normal weight range for her height. She is not anorexic, but she is malnourished. Her hair looks stringy, her nails are splitting, she has shadows under her eyes, and her complexion is a bit grey. She complains that she hates the shape of her knees, and pulls at skin around her waist explaining how fat she is. If you were to ask Sally “is weight loss hard or easy?” She might say that it is really difficult to lose fat.


Number 3

Bob is 100 pounds overweight and he has personal hygiene problems. His clothes are old and shapeless because he is lucky to ever find anything that fits, let alone clothes that he likes. How can any clothes look good draped over a mass of lard? He constantly eats processed, microwave ready meals, and fast food take away or delivery food.

He says its easy for thin people who are “naturally thin”. Bob says that it’s down to his genetics, he has tried every diet over the years, none have ever worked. “It is so hard to lose weight”, he says.You ask him if he has tried a diet such as the Atkins, Paleo, or slow carb and he looks at you blank faced clearly with no idea what you have just asked. Then he says “I’m not interested in these fad diets that come and go, they might make you sick.”

If you were to ask Bob, is weight loss hard or easy?” He might say “It is easy for the skinny people but not for those with big bones or a healthy appetite.”


Number 2

Paul is clearly underweight, he is actually perfectly healthy but does envy the guys that look like “hunks”. Paul knows that the girls often go for a bigger man. He also feels insecure and vulnerable in public or at bars, he knows that anyone could come up and punch him just like they did at school.

Paul says that he has never been able to put on weight even though he “eats like a horse”. “It is so hard to put on weight” he says, he says that he “eats and eats and doesn’t put on any weight at all”.

-You ask him if he has ever tried to keep a food diary and calculate the calories to see if he really is eating as much as he thinks. He hasn’t.

-You ask if he has been to the doctor to see if he has a tapeworm. He looks at you as if you are accusing him of something. You ask him, “if you have been unhappy all your life, why not try keeping a food diary or talking to the doctor?” “It’s no use”, he says, “I am naturally skinny, all my family are”

If you asked Paul the same question as the others he might say “is weight loss hard or easy? You must be kidding!”


Number 1

Anna is happy with herself and with life in general. Of course a raise and a promotion at work would be nice, but so would an extra 5 hours in a day she laughs. But overall, Anna knows what she wants in life, then puts the effort in to achieve it. She hasn’t achieved all of her goals, because over time, some goals become less important, and new goals are always added to the list.

On the subject of weight, she says:

After the festive period last year I noticed my clothes were getting a bit tighter. When I stepped on the scales I realized that I had put on 10 pounds! I knew that if I carried on that extra 10 would turn into an extra 20. So I started jogging again 3 times a week and cut out the delivery junk food in the evening that I had been getting.

You probably wouldn’t even ask Anna if weight loss is hard or easy.


Which one of these 5 people are you? No need to tell me, just think about it. If you really think that you have a medical problem then go for some tests. If you think that you are Napoleon or King Henry the 8th then please get some help.

In summary, the answer to the question of whether weight loss is hard or easy? It is down to you and your attitude and dominant thoughts. If you are underweight, overweight, or obese then realize that it is your mentality that you need to work on. Your are living with false beliefs and assumptions. You are thinking thoughts that are keeping you where you are. Do you really want to change? Then you need to make more of an effort. Unless you want to carry on with your delusions and odd view of yourself and the world…



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6 Responses to Is weight loss hard? Or easy?

  1. Urban Paleo Chef March 5, 2013 at 3:28 am #

    I used to think weight loss was hard. I had great observational data at the time to support my belief. Since going Paleo, the diet and more importantly the attitude shift that occurred in me have shown me that weight loss is actually incredibly easy!
    Thank you for sharing the ease that having the right attitude can bring to this aspect of life (and so many others)!

    • Fatloss Mental March 5, 2013 at 10:49 am #

      It is easier to tell ourselves that something is hard if we are struggling. It is easy for the ego. I experienced a similar awakening. I tried the slow carb diet, then later modeled my diet on the principles of slow Carb / Paleo. This makes a huge difference when you cut out processed and refined food.

  2. Shari March 5, 2013 at 8:13 am #

    I think of weight maintenance as one aspect of health and wellness, and perhaps that approach makes it easier. So I don’t find weight loss hard, but I do find that staying the same size requires diligence as I get older. That’s true of any number of things! 😉

    • Fatloss Mental March 5, 2013 at 10:51 am #

      It is easy to become less driven as we get older, but you are a good example of it not having to be the case !

  3. Carl Mason-Liebenberg March 5, 2013 at 4:58 pm #

    Jason- you are so right…hard or easy is really determined by our attitude and mindset about the matter. I see many people fail to ever reach their goals because they have the idea that it is hard and thought they mat start out, they prove themselves right and then surrender saying, “i told you it was just too hard!”…Mind over matter

  4. Fatloss Mental March 5, 2013 at 6:53 pm #

    Thanks for the support, I thought this article was a bit risky lol I want to gently shake people without upsetting them…