Can you really hide your fat?

Can you really hide your fat? Did you ever meet someone who looked like they had lost a ton of weight simply because of their clothes choice, or posture?

I don’t think that it is really possible to disguise obesity. The techniques used to camouflage it tend not to work very well.


hide your fat

Hide your fat? Or get rid of it? When you live properly you do not need camouflage. This is my kind of camouflage!


Fat camouflage and self-subterfuge.

Warning: When we realize that someone else has been fooling us we can get angry easily. When we realize that we have been fooling ourselves it can be even more upsetting. But if we fool ourselves, it is even more important to face the truth. Without facing the truth we will not grow into the people that we aspire to be.

Get ready for a possible self slap…

Fat camouflage is a new term (around 15 minutes old :)) That describes the way that we try to cover up our obesity in a stealthy yet bashful way.

Here are a few examples:

  • Buying clothes one size too big in order to cover up the rolls of flab and cellulite.
  • Avoiding swimming pools, beaches or anywhere else that involves revealing the extent of our weight problem.
  • Standing at the back in photographs.
  • Wearing dark clothes because dark clothes are “slimming”.
  • Trying not to stand out in a work or home environment.
  • Generally trying to avoid situations where our fat has extra attention drawn to it.

Fat camouflage activities do not fool anyone, a fat problem is quite literally written all over your face. With jowls, double chins and shapeless features…

The extra sized loose clothes, whilst obscuring the actual folds and ripples, actually make you look bigger…

The avoidance of situations where you might have to display your fat does not fool anyone, nor do your lame excuses as to why you do this.

The fat camouflage does not work.

Here are some examples of self subterfuge:

You console yourself that many of your family sand friends are fat, some even fatter than you.

You think that it is OK for those who do not like food. But you love food!

You would love to lose weight and solve your health problems. Living an extra 20 vibrant years would be great… But the doctor wants you to quit your FAVORITE foods!

What is life without your favorite things?

Your self subterfuge is illogical and pointless. Do you compare yourself to unsuccessful people in other areas in life and feel happy?

Do you get a buzz walking past a homeless person? Would you be overjoyed to go to an AA meeting as the person with less of a problem than some of the others?


How to really hide your fat

The best way to hide your fat is to hide it where no one can see it.

Hide your fat in old photo albums only to be displayed at your discretion.

Hide your fat in the fading memories of your past.

Hide your fat in the pages of history.

Use the same effort and mental energy that you would normally use to search for over sized clothes, but use it to take positive action instead of band-aid solutions.

Use the same time and soul-destroying action that you would usually spend in trying to create fat camouflage, or avoid embarrassing situations… Use this time and action for real change.



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