Following a Guru VS Becoming a Guru

Have you heard of the concept of Guru burn? This is where you follow a Guru, you are ultra positive and fired up, you tell the world that you are undergoing a massive transformation. Then after a while, you drift back into your old habits, you nestle back into the crappy rut that you were in before…

At some stage you find a new Guru and the cycle starts again.

This kind of behavior is borderline manic depressive…

Internet research and the discovery of solutions

When we want to learn something new, we look for assistance and guidance. The most common place to look is either in books, or on the internet.

Most new information is useful, but not life altering. For example if we want to learn how to carry out some simple home DIY, or how to remove certain types of stains from our clothes, a quick internet search will give us the answers we seek.

After finding the answer, if someone were to ask who was responsible for the solution, we probably would not know the name of the person who wrote or published the article.


Following a guru vs becoming a guru

A time comes where you need to stop following Guru’s and aim to BECOME a Guru. This is when you are fully committed to the result.


Becoming a Guru…

If however, the answers that we seek are truly life altering, the people who can provide the best answers are responsible for far more than a stain removal or a DIY fix.

… If we are stuck in a soul-sucking-dead-end job, and someone shows us how to be location independent with a higher income, we can feel like we owe them so much.

… If we are morbidly obese, a good health and fitness guide can literally help save our life.

It is in the realms of the guides who help people change their lives that Guru’s exist. Most “proper” Guru’s will not admit to being a Guru. Partly because they might think that they are ordinary people who have simply dedicated themselves to a particular field…

… But also because…

Calling yourself a Guru is also bad for business, egotism drives people away. An avid follower will leave the fold and seek a more modest Guru.


What is a Guru, and why do people follow them?

The word Guru is a Sanskrit word meaning teacher or master.

In the modern world if we were to ask someone for a list of Guru’s they might come up with names related to spirituality, sexuality, and more recently health and fitness… And possibly even internet business practices…

Q) So what are the benefits of following a Guru?

Q) What is the difference between researching a subject on the internet, or studying text books, and following a Guru?

  • A Guru will provide extra help and motivation in grasping the subject matter.
  • A Guru will be able to explain any misunderstandings of the topics.
  • A Guru provides extra inspiration and wisdom so that a students learning curve sill be faster, and the student is more likely to continue along the path.
  • A Guru is therefore similar to a Mentor. The world Mentor is Greek, but for the benefits that a Guru provides, so does a Mentor.

Become a Guru!

The question is, do we really need a Guru or a Mentor in order to find God, become a monster in the bedroom, or to become healthy and vibrant? (Or to create a successful internet business?)

There are plenty of examples of people who have completed the journey on their own. In fact, a Guru or a Mentor can only help you for part of the journey, the journey must always be completed by the student.

At some point the student has to make his or her own choices. Surely the healthy and fit person will not need help and guidance on a permanent basis. Sooner or later the Entrepreneur will know all of the skills of the Mentor.

Whether you start with guidance from a Guru or a Mentor, or are completely self taught with assistance from the abundance of available information…

At some point the training wheels have to come off. You can only be successful in the long term when you become a master in the subject.

Whether you use a guide or not, the goal should always be to become the master of your subject skill or trade. If we are talking about DIY then maybe this is not life changing. But to master our own minds and bodies, create a new life or to be comfortable with our own mortality and the universe, this is life changing stuff.

It demands our best efforts, and only by dedicating ourselves to the journey, can we achieve what we desire.

This is when we stop following the Guru, and attempt to become the Guru.

We never actually “get there” however. If we ever got to the stage where we decided that we were a Guru, then we would start to drift away from our goal.

The path of mastery involves never ending learning and growth, there is a destination, but we never get there. In many ways we would not want to get here, because the journey itself is enriching and fulfilling.

Am I, Fatloss Mental, a mighty Guru?


Even if I thought I was, I would not admit it, and I would be deluded 🙂


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2 Responses to Following a Guru VS Becoming a Guru

  1. Chip Paulson July 31, 2013 at 6:12 am #

    Seeking leadership when it is not needed is the mindset of a child. In this world, people will only help you when they expect something back. Ever wonder why greek gods never care much for their families? Cause they live forever! What could they possibly need that they don`t have time to create?

    • Fatloss Mental July 31, 2013 at 3:32 pm #

      Wow, that is one of the most powerful comments ever posted here. Thanks for dropping by!