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The original idea for the Fat Loss Mentality website was to support the book of the same name. This was in order to provide follow-up information, to answer questions and to create a community for people to work on their Fat Loss Mentalities together.

There are plenty of spaces for comments, and links to multiple social media pages all over the website. But if you want to communicate more privately – then you are more than welcome! If you have a compliment, or a complaint then your message will be received with the same attitude of gratitude.

… If you have found a mistake or think that something is badly explained then please let us know! So we can make this a better place for future visitors.

… If you are interested in collaborating of consulting then any reasonable request will be entertained.

… If your message is negative or moronic then you will be mocked in absentia by someone who you will never meet!

So, really, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by sending a message.

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