Fat burning diet plan… Burning questions…

Are you considering a new fat burning diet plan?

You might be asking specific questions about each diet plan so that you can pick the one that suits you best.


fat burning diet plan

Wow, with the right fat burning diet plan, your fat doesn’t stand a chance! Right? Hmm.


Ask the right questions

If you seek an answer to a question then asking the right question is very important. A bad question gets a bad answer.

For example, imagine being a hungry Vegetarian in a new city, do you ask a stranger :

“Where is the best place to eat around here?”


“Do you know of any vegetarian restaurants in the area?”

OK, that was an easy one.


Fat burning diet plan questions

Lets be mindful of the health questions that we ask ourselves

Lets look at questions that we ask ourselves in other parts of our lives…

Imagine that a work colleague acts in a way that annoys you. Maybe they take credit for something you did. Maybe they have a habit of patronizing you, they speak slowly and explain small details as if you had trouble grasping even the simplest concepts.

What is the better question to ask yourself?

“This person is really getting on my nerves, how can I get back at them and put them in their place once and for all?”


“There has been some kind of misunderstanding between us. Maybe I should make more effort to understand them and get to know them better? By doing this they should reciprocate and at the very least will certainly appreciate my efforts.”

So, my point is that in life, to get better answers we need to ask better questions.


burn fat fire engines

Some fat burn programs sound so effective that we wonder whether we need these guys on standby.


The questions that overweight and obese people ask themselves

The questions that overweight or obese ask themselves are different to the questions that slim people ask.

Their internal narrative is different. Typical questions that a fat person asks themselves might be:

  • “Should try another fat burning diet? I have heard that a ___ diet is popular?”
  • “Should I even bother, I just love food so much?”
  • “Is it even realistic that I could slim down to the size that I was as a teenager?”

These are just 3 examples of many, but these types of questions can have self sabotage built-in.

For example “try a diet” sound whimsical and temporary. The second question is set as an either/ or as if you had to choose between being slim and loving food. The third question is full of doubt and creates the idea that becoming slim is not really possible.

If the questions are this flimsy in the beginning, what chance do you have after a week or two of trying to cement new habits?

It is often easier to make the questions really simple. Often where there is conflict, there is too much complexity.

Most fat burning questions are really easy to answer

Always try to simplify things, break them down.

In an argument with a partner, we can go really deep into the you said/I said drama. Then by adding implied non verbal clues… Third-party gossip or interference… What would the neighbors think questions… Then when past mistakes get bought up and so on… Suddenly we are overwhelmed.

When there is conflict and complexity it makes sense to simplify things and find common ground.

You can simplify the questions in your own mind in relation to your weight.

Instead of obsessing about all of your:

  • Past successes and failures in losing weight…
  • Your past victories and losses with health and exercise…
  • Your broken promises and dreams…

…You can simplify the questions that you ask yourself.

  • “Is my weight likely to have an adverse effect on my health?”
  • “Do I want to live longer?”
  • “Do I want to be healthier?”

You might love junk food, but you can’t enjoy it when you are dead. Other questions that you can ask about the food you eat include:

  • “Am I eating lots of processed food?”
  • “Am I eating too much food full of sugar, flour, and chemical additives?”
  • “How many portions of fruit and vegetables have I eaten today?”
  • “How many times have I exercised this week?”
  • “When can I exercise next?”

Just these few questions, will be enough to start to get on the right track. No need to get too complicated. No need for being angry or disappointed with yourself. If we constantly ask ourselves the right questions, then act in a way that is in harmony with the answers, we need never look for a fat burning diet plan ever again.

Here is a good question:

“Can you do a little bit better than last week with these things?”

Then keep doing that every week.

Ask the right questions, and keep doing a little better than last week.



2 Responses to Fat burning diet plan… Burning questions…

  1. Urban Paleo Chef September 4, 2013 at 7:10 pm #

    Ha!! That’s awesome! I love that you have the fire-trucks right there, just in case the fat-burning gets outta control!!

    • Fatloss Mental September 6, 2013 at 11:37 am #

      If you think a about much of the hype it is a little silly. The words are so dramatic to describe someone who is simply picking the right foods to eat. That’s marketing! Well I am the hype marketers nemesis