Should we Take Supplements or Not?

Is Supplementation Necessary for Good Health? When people decide to put more focus on their health, one of the first things they turn to is supplements, hoping it will give them the extra boost they need to be healthy. This often causes an argument between those who are pro-supplement and those who feel you can […]

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The best way to go Paleo?

What’s the Best Way to Go Paleo? Before going Paleo, most people will do a ton of research online, searching for the absolute best way to go Paleo. We can’t blame them – making a radical change to your diet isn’t easy. What is easy, is deep diving, reading articles on how to do things […]

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Cheat Days for Fat Loss Diets

To Cheat Day or not to Cheat Day? Yes, we just used the words “cheat day” as a verb – and for people who have been on Paleo trying to lose weight, cheat day can be one of the sweetest word combinations they could ever hope to hear. A cheat day can be an effective […]

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Did Cavemen Eat Paleo?

Is Paleo Really the Caveman Diet? When people talk about Paleo, they often refer to it as the caveman diet. It makes for a really simple way to explain Paleo to people who know nothing about it too. Just tell them you don’t eat anything which a caveman wouldn’t have been able to eat. This […]

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An Introduction to Intermittent Fasting

What is Intermittent Fasting and Does it Work? If you spend any time following health and fitness blogs or websites, you may have heard of intermittent fasting already. Intermittent fasting is also frequently shortened to IF and is the concept of restricting your day to a short feeding window and a longer fasting window. According […]

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Life VS Paleo

Life vs Paleo? For people who have been Paleo for quite some time, they can frequently find themselves with the troubling problem of whether or not to choose life over Paleo. What we mean by this is certainly not a life and death decision, but that sometimes people choose to live and enjoy their lives, […]

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An Introduction to Paleo

An Introduction to the Paleo Way of Life First and foremost, notice that the title above includes “the Paleo way of life” and NOT “the Paleo diet”. To some, this may be nitpicking and all in the name of semantics. To those that actually follow the Paleo way of life though, they will be quick […]

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HELP – I’ve Stopped Losing Weight on Paleo!

The Paleo diet is so easy to begin with When people first go Paleo, they are usually motivated by the fact that the weight seems to just fall off their bones at a rapid pace. Cutting out things like grains, dairy and sugar from their diet has a way of helping them to control their […]

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Weight loss diets banned.

Weight Loss Diets to be BANNED!

Weight loss diets to be banned! Due to the enormous failure rate combined with the extremely high relapse rate of almost every commercial diet plan, weight loss diets are going to be banned. High brow boffins in government-funded research companies have realized that if any other product or service had a 95% failure rate, it […]

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hide your fat

Can you really hide your fat?

Can you really hide your fat? Did you ever meet someone who looked like they had lost a ton of weight simply because of their clothes choice, or posture? I don’t think that it is really possible to disguise obesity. The techniques used to camouflage it tend not to work very well.     Fat […]

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