How long have you been on your weight loss journey? How many diets, exercise plans, diet pills or abs machines have you tried? Why are you still on the journey?

Because you have not developed a Fat Loss Mentality yet. Now you have come to the right place.


Illustration of a woman on a weight loss journey, getting slimmer

I am hoping that you have now reached the final stage of your weight loss journey. Back to the beginning. To yourself


Your weight loss journey does not need any more shiny objects or new hopes and dreams built on weak foundations


This site has a simple design. there are no flashing lights, special effects, pop ups or bells and whistles. There will be no long sales letters, special offers, or discounts. Limited or time sensitive offers will be kept to a minimum.

In a world full of weight loss solutions, developing a Fat Loss Mentality is the most important one. Your own mind. Your own thoughts. Your own weight loss consciousness, the cultivation of a Fat Loss Mentality.

There are no extra-ordinary claims or huge promises on offer here. You wont find about any special pills, potions or magical abs machines to help you achieve your goals effortlessly. I don’t know of any, but if I do find some magic solution, I reserve the right to change the site in order to promote it and become a billionaire.


If there was a simple answer, there would be no fat people in the world…


There is nothing that you could ever buy or do, that can take the place of self-improvement, both physical through food and lifestyle choices, and mental through the exploration of knowledge and wisdom.

First you follow the path to knowledge and wisdom, then you use what you have learned in order to make different choices of what to put in your life and what activities you indulge in.

I do not want anything to get in the way of this simple truth. As in all areas of life, start with education and wisdom.

No diet programs or support groups can take the place of the nurturing of your open mind and mentality.


All you need to begin your final weight loss journey are 2 big mirrors. 2 fat loss mirrors.


The first type of Fat loss mirror is probably in your house. you can stand in front of it naked at any time.

If you are having trouble deciding if you are overweight or obese then jump up and down naked in front of the mirror.

The second type of fat loss mirror is a mental one. It is an abstract imaginary mirror. This is where you can explore a reflection of your mind. See the false beliefs and justifications staring back at you. The past buried emotional pain and present denial that blocks out the reality of your weight problem.

Assuming that you have a mirror in your bathroom or bedroom, and are perfectly capable of standing in front of it naked (jumping up and down if necessary), this website’s purpose is to help you with the mental mirror. The Fat Loss Mentality Mirror.

This is what the site is about.

And me? I am less important than my message. I am just a person who, like a growing number of people in the world, spent most of his life overweight or obese, before spending massive effort in education and self discovery. I have figured out why I was fat, I have developed my own Fat Loss Mentality. I am now able to monitor and fine tune my weight. I would appreciate it if you are willing to let me show you how to do the same.