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heart attack burger cartoon

The Heart attack burger story

Have you heard the story about the obese person with heart problems… … Who goes to the “heart attack burger bar”… … And orders the “heart attack burger”… … Then has a heart attack? This type of scenario has happened on more than one occasion.     Why does the “at risk” person choose to […]

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Juicing fruit and vegetables is great. But so is whole food

Is juicing vegetables and fruit good idea or a waste of time?

Juicing diets and juice detoxes have been quite popular for a while now. Just like every diet that you could think of, there are success stories of people who stuck to the plan. There are also plenty of people who lost a little weight then gave up and let the bad habits creep right back […]

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Weight loss ads

Weight loss ads and the problem with dieting

Weight loss ads often make it all seem so easy… Just follow some preset rules, count the calories, avoid certain foods and hey presto! You are thin! There are a few a big problems with structured diets and calorie counting… Some “fatal flaws”… Do you remember when most of the available diet and weight loss […]

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Exercise habits silhouette of a man running

Exercise habits. Getting started is hard and easy

Getting started in physical activity… Developing good exercise habits… Is it hard or is it easy?   Exercise habits once formed are easy to continue Once you are already in the habit of exercising on a regular basis it tends to be easy. Your routine might involve going straight to the gym after work, where […]

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