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Graphic of a bull and some crap, a joke about the number one weight loss solution. Stop bull crapping yourself

Weight loss solutions? Number one, stop being a Bull crapper!

How long have you been searching for weight loss solutions? Are we talking about years, decades even? Do you read every weight loss article that catches your eye? Have you lost track of the number of new diets that you have either investigated, or failed at? You might even think that some of these diets […]

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Illustration of a Yoga girl who appreciates power words and silence

Power words for physical goals

Do you incorporate enough power words into your use of language? When we see motivational speakers, why are they motivational? It is the message that they are conveying. How are they conveying their message? With words that are powerful and that create emotional responses both in themselves and others. If we want to be more […]

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Illustration of a fat man running

How to lose belly fat… Exercises or diet?

  Are you looking for an exercise that will help you lose belly fat and get that ripped 6 pack? The perfect abs that you have been dreaming of? Do you think that perfect abs are natural and in someones genetics?   Your belly is like a billboard to the World. What does it say? […]

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Illustration of a burger man, you are what you eat

You are what you eat… Lessons in Fat Loss

You are what you eat… We have all heard this phrase many times. There are countless jokes on the topic, in fact we can always raise a laugh by commenting on what a friend is eating… If they are eating a piece of pig or cow it is really easy…     “You are what […]

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