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Cartoon character eating a huge burger, not recommended in Tim Ferriss' 4 hour body

Tim Ferriss 4 Hour Body. How it helped me change my life

Before you dismiss this article as a bold-faced recommendation for Tim Ferriss 4 Hour Body, or that I am simply a Tim Ferriss fan, please let me explain where I am coming from here. At the start of 2012, I spent extra time on my yearly goal setting exercises. At this time I review my […]

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Am I overweight? Photo of an obese man

Am I overweight? How can you tell?

At first glance, this post might seem pointless, surely it is obvious whether someone is overweight or obese… Right? The problem lies with self-image, it is hard to gauge ourselves against other people. When we look in the mirror, we might think that we look fine, but the reality could be that we really need […]

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silhouette of an exercise ball weight loss help tool

Help to lose weight? Focus on the fundamentals not the “edges”

  Do you think that you need help to lose weight? We often hear of different products or quick fixes to buy, in order to solve our fat loss issues. From metabolism-boosting wonder pills, to stomach crunch contraptions. These products have all been around in similar forms for many years now. Yet obesity rates are […]

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Weight loss motivation from Buddha

Weight loss motivation, How are you doing? Need some help?

Fashionable “Fad diets” come and go, and there are always new exercise routines to try. The bottom line is that if you stick to simple fat loss fundamentals then your weight won’t be a problem. The main purpose of Fat Loss Mentality is to guide you through the Psychological factors of breaking bad habits, and […]

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Successful fatloss silhouette illustration

Fatloss hopes and dreams turned into action and reality

We have all heard the phrase “be careful what you wish for”. Have you ever stopped to consider what it really means? The human mind (or brain) is by far the most powerful creation in the history of the World. One might question this premise when we interact with those who choose to not utilize […]

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An illustration of a fat loss failure slob

Fat loss derailed! How I just put on 6 pounds in 48 hours

Last year was a great year for me. I accomplished a number of personal goals, a few of which took me years to either accomplish, or simply even start! One of my biggest achievements of last year was my weight loss / fat loss goal. From around 255 pounds at my peak, I got down […]

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