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Welcome to Fat Loss Mentality

I know what some of you are thinking, or what you should be thinking….

Does the World really need another weight loss website, another fat loss book, or personal improvement guru? Why did anyone even bother to create this website?

The answer involves looking coldly at the problem.

Global obesity rates rising…
Morbidly obese people taking drastic measures such as jaw wiring or stomach stapling…
Childhood obesity rates climbing…
Junk food and fast food companies profits skyrocketing…
Increase in sedentary lifestyles…
Etc, etc, etc…

Has the problem been solved? Or is it getting worse?

Is the problem a medical problem that involves pills, potions, injections and operations?
– I sincerely hope not.

Is the problem caused by the lack of new fad diets?
– There are already too many diets to try.

Is the problem caused by food companies?
– If so then why are there slim people?

Is the problem caused by a lack of knowledge about nutrition?
– Hardly, who doesn’t know that they should be eating more vegetables and less junk?

Is the problem caused by a lack of information about sports and exercise?
– Come on, we could simply run or walk fast to take care of our fitness needs.

So, what is the problem? It is a mental attitude problem…

… We all know WHAT to do for health and vitality, if we are not doing it then it is because we are choosing not to. Our choices are a result of our thoughts…

Obesity is caused by “stinking thinking”. Taking control of your thoughts, therefore your choices and actions is the cornerstone of any kind of improvement.

There, is this hard to understand?

So instead of checking into a fat farm for physical tough love, where someone is shouting at you to make you run faster on the treadmill…

…I prescribe some “mental tough love”. It is time to get real, to take control of your mind, it is time to work on a Fat Loss Mentality.

This is why the site was created, and I believe that you are not here reading this by accident. You are here for a reason, call it serendipity, call if the power of the universe or the will of God…

It doesn’t matter what you call it, you are here, now it is time to get started on nurturing a Fat Loss Mentality…


Fat Loss Mentality is now published on Amazon Kindle!

We are proud to update this page to let everyone know that our book is now available in Kindle format!

In actual fact the book came first. I had weight issues for 30 years, tried different diets, and I tended to focus on exercise rather than diet.

I got to the stage where I kept getting heart palpitations, and had experienced acid reflux for as long as I could remember.

I realized that if I did not take action, and overcome the problem, as I went into middle age, my days were numbered. My levels of health and happiness were going to keep dropping as my weight and bad diet continued to take its toll on my overall health.

During one of my goal setting exercises, amongst the holiday home, the new car, and the focus on stress relief, my desire to lose weight lingered…

Staring back at me from the page, almost mocking me.

I suddenly realized that this weight loss goal had been on every list of goals that I had ever made. It had been on every list of New Years Resolutions and promises to myself…

The way goal setting works is that you write a big list including flying to the moon or inventing time travel if you let your imagination run wild enough. Then you refine your list of goals and remove the ones that are not obtainable or not important.

The next time you do your goal setting exercise you will see that some goals have been achieved and some have not. Of the goals that have not been achieved, you reset some, and discard others as not important anymore.

The weight loss goal was like an evil gremlin that kept coming back again and again every time I thought about my goals, hopes and dreams.

I realized that my weight problem was probably the one issue that had blighted my life more than any other problem.

Sure, there have been individual events, experiences and periods that have hurt more, but If I realized that not only had my weight problem created unhappy memories and issues there was a bigger problem.

My weight and health problems had tarnished many of my good times as well!

Without going into too many personal details, I am sure that you have experienced similar issues. You go to the beach or the swimming pool and cannot feel free to relax because you are self-conscious of your fat.

Perhaps you have been embarrassed or humiliated amongst friends or in romantic situations. Maybe you have caught people mocking you because of your weight.

Maybe you have spent periods of time feeling sluggish and drained, unable to join in with the sporting activities, or play with your children or grandchildren because of a persistent feeling of malaise that sucks the life out of you?


But do you know the biggest reason why my weight was a blight on my life?

  • The feeling that I had let myself down!
  • The feeling that I could not control myself.
  • That I was greedy, or too lazy to take action.
  • The feeling of learned helplessness where I stopped even trying to improve.

These were the things that hurt the most, far more than any “fatty” comment. I do not know why we are here on this Earth living our lives. We all search for reason and meaning at times. All achievement in life is hollow without certain things.

  1. People to share it with.
  2. Self respect.
  3. A happy heart.

At this risk of stating the obvious… This is why many famous or apparently successful people end up going off the rails or suffering from depression and so on.

We live in a strange world or wealth, fame and fortune where:

There are people who control millions of people but are unable to control themselves.

There are people who are loved, adored and worshiped by millions of strangers yet feel alone.


What has any of this got to do with fat loss ???

Self mastery!

Unless you understand yourself, get to know yourself and learn to master yourself, then every diet, weight loss plan or product will fail for you.

You will lose interest and/or sabotage yourself again and again.

It is obvious really, the techniques and tactics are fairly easy to master.

How hard is it to put on a pair of running shoes and start to run?

How hard is it to eat more vegetables and cut out the junk?

It is easy. The hard thing is taking control of your mind. But luckily this is skill that can be learned then strengthened over time. It is up to you.

I decided that my weight problem was the most important goal that I had, by a mile. This was the first time I felt this way about it. I realized that I was never fully committed before.

All the different weight loss tactics I had tried, had not been practiced with the right attitude… I realized that this was true if I was really honest with myself.

I realized that thanks to the internet and e-books, every discovery that had ever been made was at my finger tips. No longer did I have to rely on the daily newspaper or some network marketing miracle product to give me information on nutrition and exercise.

I could scour the whole planet!

(… Electronically)

Which is what I did.


Lots of what I thought were facts were completely wrong!

So many things that I thought were true were completely false. Both about so-called facts such as the amount of cardio needed in order to see benefits, and personal stuff such as thinking that I had big bones or whatever.

There are at least 20 or 30 of these facts that I was wrong about but I do not want to spoil the Book or the rest of the website for you


suffice to say, how can we make good choices with faulty premises? We can not

The funny thing was, the new discoveries that I was making were not really new at all. The information had been waiting for me for a very long time.

I realized that what we eat is the factor in fat loss. I had previously tried to out exercise a bad diet. This is not possible for long-term results.


What is the best food for fat loss that you can eat?

This is an interesting question, because it can be answered in different ways and on different levels. Broadly speaking we could categorize the best foods as vegetables and meat, and to a lesser extent fruits.

We know that if we eat mostly vegetables, fruits and meat, we will lose weight. This is now a proven fact due to the success of diets such as the Atkins diet and the Paleo diet. There are of course new diets being created all the time that follow the same principles.

There ya go. That was easy wasn’t it. The solution was there all the time.


Best food for fat loss? Problem solved – Or is it?

We can answer the question in reverse and get the same beneficial information. If we ask what are the worst foods for weight loss? Which foods help us put on weight?

Pastries, cakes, sugar filled soft drinks etc.

2 Questions that solve the puzzle of finding the best food for fat loss

Q1) So, if we eat more vegetables, fruits, and meat and eat less refined flour and sugar, will we lose weight?

A) Yes we will.

Q2) If we avoid white carbohydrates completely, will we lose a lot of weight very quickly?

A) Absolutely.

All of us will, regardless of our genes, habits, and activity levels.

If you were to buy an e-book, or a course that just contained these last few sentences, and nothing more, then followed this advice, you would lose weight. Plenty of weight. These few sentences are more valuable than a 100,000 word weight loss program or manual.

Of course, who would buy an e-book with only 2 questions, and 4 sentences? Who would have the arrogance to sell such a book….

We prefer to buy expensive and over-hyped weight loss plans

So, we as consumers tend to buy the hyped diet plan or course that has all the bells and whistles attached…

  • The customer testimonials.
  • The before and after weight loss pictures.
  • The interviews with people who just lost 60% of their body weight.
  • We go for the bundled free extras if we buy now… and the buy now button is there on the screen beckoning us to…. Just… Press it….

So, now the big fat loss “secret” is out of the bag…

…Where do we go from here?

…Is the website finished?

…Can we really come back with a special course later?

The interesting thing is that we have all known for decades that eating more vegetables and less pastries and sugar will solve our problem. But we are still overweight or obese…

What is going on here? Why don’t we all take control and adjust our diets?

Why don’t we just follow the simple healthy diet principles?

The answer lies in the following weight loss challenges:

  • The fact that we are addicted to junk food.
  • We succumb to social pressure, we want to fit in with our family and friends and eat what they eat.
  • We find it hard to break bad habits.
  • Junk food is more easily available everywhere, all the time.
  • Junk food tastes so good.

There are other factors, but these are the main ones involved in our failure to stay at our ideal weight.

So what can we do? We can help ourselves by getting regular information about extra tips or edges that will help us stay focused, and stay strong. We can support each other and share information.

This is the reason for this website, to help, and share the best information available about the best foods to eat for fat loss, and of course the worst foods to eat for fat loss.

There are foods that can help give us an edge in our quest for health and vitality. There are foods that are really bad for us and should be avoided completely.

Then of course there are the foods that trick you. The diet food that makes you put on weight, and the foods that are very healthy in small portions but will result in weight gain if you eat too much of them.

There are also super foods and natural supplements that can aid digestion or speed up your metabolism a little. All these “tweaks” to our diet will add up. The new information helps us to make better choices and to help those around us as well.

I hope that you have got something from this article. Feel free to browse the site where there are plenty more.

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